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Romania is 238,391 sq km. The Balkan state is located on the lower Danube River, a mix of mountains, hills and plains.

Population: 21,190,154 

Capital: Bucharest

Official language: Romanian

Steve's Story

Short-term mission trips: are they worth it?

I once heard a discussion on whether short-term mission trips are worth the time, effort and expense. What lasting impact in a group really have in just a week?

I thought of that discussion as I heard from Steve Pennington recently, TBC's missionary in Romania. He was bubbling over about his new team like a preschooler in the sprinkler on a hot summer day.

Steve wrote: "as I write this update from Moneasa, Romania, I can't help but be grateful for all God is doing in this country. I'm in with a great team that is about to leave the youth camp in the mountains in Transylvania. They're excited and full of expectations of how the Spirit will move in the camp. They are trusting God for everything here, and are willing to do their part to honor the Lord.

I am always moved by how working here strengthens the faith of those who come. It is always the case, but very fun to see. Praise God!!! He is always faithful!!! What a blessing! (We are) serving Jesus in Romania, and loving it!"

What a boost that short-term missions team was to Steve and his missions partners there! What a refreshment and renewal of passion for him – BESIDES the work God did in the youth and BESIDES the impact God made on each of the team members. And BESIDES all of us, who are blessed by hearing of his joy. Praise God for the many and creative ways He works for when we are following His leading!

If you were interested in joining God moving in Romania, talk to Mark Nelson. Maybe you'll be next!


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