Jesus Unfiltered

Feb 28, 2021 | Eric Kuykendall, PhD - Lead Pastor

Jesus Unfiltered | Mark 7:1-13

Traditions. Can you think of traditions that you or your family celebrate? Maybe you watch a favorite movie like Elf or It’s a Wonderful Life during Christmas, or your family goes on vacation to the same beach every summer. Maybe each person in your family gets to pick a favorite meal on their birthday, or every year you read through the Bible from beginning to end. Traditions are memorable and important, so you might be surprised when you see how Jesus responds to a group of leaders who are all about religious tradition. Although shocking, His response can serve as a healthy reminder for us about what matters most…a sort of “wake-up call” to check our motives in our pursuit of living like Jesus.

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In an effort to recapture the real Jesus – so that we can live as Jesus lived, we will be addressing passages from the Gospel of Mark that bring out Jesus’ uniqueness; and we will highlight those encounters where Jesus says or does something that may be otherwise unexpected.

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