Current Series

Fear Not

In a world riddled with fear and anxiety, God implores His people to be strong and courageous. Like Joshua and the tribes of Israel, we can advance the Kingdom of God - trusting in the promises and presence of God, and serving the Lord with an overcoming resolve

Sunday Service Livestream
Easter - The Crown

Beloved, Easter is upon us, and we are excited to gather with you and your family. This year's Good Friday and Resurrection services will center around the "Christ Hymn" found in the Apostle Paul's letter to the Philippians. We will focus our attention on the cross and crown of Jesus, we will take communion and witness baptisms, we will hear an amazing testimony, and more... So bring your family, invite a friend, and let's get ready to remember and celebrate what Jesus saved us from and what He saved us for.

Jesus Unfiltered
In an effort to recapture the real Jesus – so that we can live as Jesus lived, we will be addressing passages from the Gospel of Mark that bring out Jesus’ uniqueness; and we will highlight those encounters where Jesus says or does something that may be otherwise unexpected.
Made for This

To kick off the new year, we will preach through the TBC vision and our new 2023 Hills. The spirit and hope of the series is for us to be recaptured and reinvigorated by the purposes for which God made us.

Vision Weekend

Join us to celebrate big wins from the 2020 Hills and get a sneak peek at the 2023 Hills.

26,000 Steps to Victory

Crossing over into a new year reminds me of the moment God’s people crossed over into a new land – the Promised Land – and stood before the city of Jericho. I would imagine the people were excited and nervous as they waited to see what lay ahead. Many of us know what happened next. The people marched and the walls came tumbling down, but I invite you to join us as we study this familiar story.

Behold Him

To prepare for Christmas, let's seek to behold Jesus.

What's Missing?

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something big? Have you asked the question ‘what is my role’? We all have at some point. What if God purposely set aside something big for us to do, now? He has! May you come ready to receive the word with a readied heart, in order to be on mission.


The idea of this series is to help equip you as you navigate spiritually and morally polluted waters while maintaining your personal righteousness. It’s also about how to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us who view life so differently. Finally, this message is also one of hope and restoration in the end.

Heart of a Healthy Church

The aim of this series is to distill the elements of the church down to its essentials, and then to build our church up in them: faith, hope & love. Since the primary aim of the church is to “reach unity in the faith” and “maturity in the Son”, the goal of this series is primarily the spiritual growth of our church. We MUST grow in faith, hope, and love in order to grow into the likeness of Christ.  

Your Mind is a Garden

Whenever we visit my parents in East Texas, it is a guarantee we will enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden of their friends, the Meltons. These long time family friends generously share potatoes, okra, purple-hulled peas, cucumbers, green beans, watermelons, cantaloupes, and my wife’s favorite, Pear Honey, from their garden. The Meltons have much to share because of the natural principle “you reap what you sow.” Their fruitful garden is a visual reminder of how our minds are like a garden. The information, ideas, and thoughts planted in our minds influence our lives. As believers, we want to cultivate good information, ideas, and thoughts, so that our lives may be lived generously.


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