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At 1,958,201 sq km, Mexico is Latin America’s third largest country. Wide range of topography and rainfall ranging from arid northern plateau, central volcanic plateau and the southern mountains and rain forests. Only 10% of the country is arable.

Population: 110,645,154

Capital: Mexico City

Official language: Spanish

Rachel Chapman's Story

Bringing the Gospel to an Ancient People

Deep in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico, five hours from the nearest modern conveniences, lies small, indigenous community of Nahuatl people. These descendants of the Aztecs, whose language and customs reflect the centuries old ways prior to Spanish conquest, number more than one million speakers. But the region is mountainous and remote and the language has been splintered to many pockets.

The Nahuatl are animistic, meaning they believe the world and events are controlled by spirits which can be manipulated by personal actions -- gifts, personal sacrifices, and colorful ceremonies. The Nahuatl do not know the God that we know, and certainly do not have a Bible written in their language.

TBC's missionary Rachel Chapman and her three American colleagues are working to change that. By living in the community with them, they learn the language and understand people. Chapter by chapter, they are translated the Bible into the language the Nahuatl can understand. Right now, they are finalizing parts of Genesis which illustrator who God is, who man is, man's situation and ones that point toward God's redemption of mankind. After each portion gets checked and rechecked and finally printed into booklets, they teach it publicly to all the want to hear it. They're gearing up to start teaching this summer.

Please pray for Rachel and the team, that their work is clear and accurate and that they continue to work in unity. Please pray for God to draw the Nahuatl people to himself, giving them a desire to hear his word, and that God prevent Satan's schemes from hindering the people from hearing and understanding.


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