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Honduras is 112,088 sq km, a mountainous land with rain forests and fertile coastal plains on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

Population: 7,615,584

Capital: Tegucigalpa

Official language: Spanish

Mike and Martha's Story

"I have a name?!?"
Bringing Language to the Deaf

If you've ever seen one of those Facebook videos that shows a deaf person learning to communicate through sign language, you can understand the joy that Mike and Martha Rudd experience watching God work in Honduras.

God called the Rudds from our TBC family to the mission field after Mike at suffered a stroke at age 38. He recovered his health, but soon realized God had new plans for them. They sold everything, packed up their five kids and became full-time missionaries – eventually moving to Honduras to an unreached deaf population there. They started good word ministries in 2006.

God has opened many doors! Mike and Martha working six cities each week, teaching the deaf and training Honduran volunteers to oversee the out reach is in their home towns.

For years they prayed for a church for the deaf, and God made it happen. Almost all that  attend have no language at first, but become conversant and dedicated to following Christ. Teaching the Bible weekly into school for special needs children is another High Point for them.

Mike specifically requested, "Please pray for spiritual maturity in the deaf and volunteers, and more open doors to run through!" Love it! They're not walking with God, they're running with him!

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