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I’m learning as a parent how little control I have with my kids as they get older. I can tell them all sorts of things but I’m not with them 24/7 so it’s up to them to make good choices. So the best thing Julie and I can do as parents is pray early and pray often for our kids. Which brings me to the topic of this blog.

 On April 16th the frontage road between Lakeshore and Mikus switched to “one way” on each side of the road. To get home we have to take the frontage road that is eastbound going past New River Church. Since Ben is driving now, I told him to stay in the right hand lane for a couple of weeks because people will forget and go the wrong way in the left lane. It’s been a couple of weeks and he was driving home with Brittin. As they past New River, driving in the left lane, a car came around the corner and he had to take the shoulder since there was a car in the right lane next to him. Then the other car decided to take the shoulder also and he took evasive maneuvers by driving on the embankment to avoid the other car. Fortunately, no one was hurt and Ben was able to comfort the sweet grandmother who had forgot about the direction change. He said, “Dad, I put my hand on her shoulder, took her by the hand and said everyone is ok which is all that matters cause cars can be replaced.” Wait...he actually does listen even when I think he doesn’t. After that, each time I drove by those tracks in the grass I thanked God for his protection of the Choate-lets and for giving Ben the clarity to handle the situation well.

 As I thought about this event I was remind of 1 Peter 5:8 which says:

 “Be sober, be vigilant; becauseyour adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

 ‘Be sober, be vigilant’ is to be alert and on guard watching for immediate threats.

 ‘A roaring lion’ a deadly animal who’s roaring implies its hungry and determined.

 ‘Walks about’ is prowling looking for an opportunity to catch us off guard.

 ‘Whom he may devour’ isn’t that he wants to nibble on us, he wants to swallow us up body and soul.

 He is looking for that wedge in relationships so he can divide people. He wants to poke at our anger so we can blow up and say things that cause wounds. His desire is to make us question if we can truly serve the Kingdom of God. And he uses people going the wrong way all the time for this stuff.

 When we stay vigilant and seek God for wisdom and insight, He provides the discernment we need to make the right decisions. Sometime these decisions are tough and sometimes they are easy but we must stay alert for the enemy and focus on what God is calling us to do.

 So, stay sharp and stay on guard against those things that would draw you away from the One who died and rose again for you.

 Oh! And if you are driving on the Eastbound frontage road between Lakeshore and Mikus, stay in the right lane for a couple of months. I still see folks driving the wrong way.


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