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Transformed - Bluebonnet

Posted by Carol Welch on

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How would you complete this sentence? “Life is…”

 Life reminds me of a bluebonnet seed.

Bluebonnets thrive in dry, rocky places. A bluebonnet seed can remain fertile through years of drought because the seed protected by the hard coat.

 There’s a painful truth about this seed.

  • Through the years of drought, it will lay neglected on the scorching ground.
  • It will be stepped on and crushed against the rocks.
  • The seed coat will become worn, and weak, and damaged over the years.
  • Many people would look at a worn out bluebonnet seed and think it was beyond hope. And it would be true if God didn’t have a plan for that seed.

 For a bluebonnet, transformation happens in the fall when the rain finally reaches that worn out seed.

The root sprouts into the soil and the green leaves emerge above. At the just-right moment, a miracle happens, and that worn out seed bursts into life. It doesn’t matter how beat up it was. It doesn’t matter how many years it lay neglected on the ground. Because God has a plan for that little seed. If God will do that for a tiny seed, what might He do for you? What plan might He have for you?

 Our lesson doesn’t stop there, because there’s another painful truth about a bluebonnet seed.

  • That tough seed coat protects that seed, but it can also prevent the seed from doing what God created it to do.
  • That coat has to be scratched and worn by the dry rocky ground.
  • It has to be worn out before water can reach the embryo.


In the same way, a hard heart can prevent God’s love from making a difference in us; it can prevent transformation.

God created you, and He has a plan for your transformation; but a hard heart can prevent His good work in you.  A hard heart makes faith very difficult…but not impossible; because God is patient. He loves you and He’s willing to allow time for His kindness and His love to break through our hard heart. His kindness leads us to turn away from our hardness and turn toward His goodness. His kindness draws us toward the transformation of life. But there’s a big difference between that bluebonnet seed and you. You don’t have to wait years in the dry hard places of life for your hard head and your hard heart to wear down. You can choose today, and allow God to transform you from death into life.

 Just like the bluebonnet, we put down roots that transform us. We reach for the living water of God, and it reminds me of a woman who met Jesus as she was reaching for water in a well. The well was the source of life for her town. But Jesus offered her living water, an unending supply of living water, producing life from the inside-out.

 Living water produces a transformation of the heart, and it results in life.Just like the bluebonnet seed sprouting into life, just like the roots growing under the frozen soil, God offers life in spite of our hardness. He offers life in spite of our brokenness, our guilt, and our shame. God offers the miracle of transformation from death into life, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

 Jesus said, “If anyone is thirsty, he should come to Me and drink! The one who believes in Me will have streams of living water flow from deep within him” (John 7:38, HCSB).

 Transformation begins the moment we accept and believe God, and it produces a steady stream of life within us. It begins when we surrender ourselves to Him, but it doesn’t stop there. Streams of living water produce life in abundance as we learn to seek and understand God. We grow roots deeply into to Him so that He becomes the source of our strength. Those roots allow us to withstand the storms of life. And as we life our life face-to-face with Him, we grow, and bloom, and produce seeds for the next generation.

A moment of transformation becomes a lifetime process of growth as we mature in Him.

 Are you being transformed?









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