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The Tension of Comfort

Posted by Scott Marsh on

Our team of 8 just returned from a short-term mission trip to Uganda. The team was involved in many different tasks, plus we spent some great time with the orphans at Restoration Gateway (a TBC Outreach Ministry Partner). I must admit, flying 8000 miles around the world, sleeping in a bunk bed, eating beans and rice or rice and beans, no hot water, limited internet access and no air conditioning is a challenge. It is not as comfortable as home. However, when our team sees the smiles of the orphans, we hear them sing and pray and enjoy the structure of a ministry that provides the basic needs of a child, the thought of not having hot water or eating beans/rice again isn’t so bad. This is where the tension of comfort enters the story.

I admit Candy & I enjoy our home. We have a modest home with the comforts most of us enjoy, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Candy has her “comfy chair” and I’m more of a “couch guy”, I love to stretch out and relax in the comfort of our home. However, the Lord has been challenging me with the things I find comfort in (not my couch! LOL) but more on a spiritual level of comfort. Tension like, am I more concerned about my spiritual comfort than my obedience to Christ? Am I more concerned about my emotional comfort or intentionally being in the messiness of other people’s lives who need Jesus? Again, please hear me when I say comfort isn’t a bad thing, I’m not giving up my couch (unless God tells me too!). However, if we strive for comfort more than we strive for obedience to Christ’s commands, then we might encounter some tension in our comfort.

Now what?
1. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas in your life where comfort is an idol.
2. Repent of the thought that we deserve or have in some way earned the right to be comfortable.
3. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you out of your (and my) comfortable areas and seek adventurous obedience to Jesus!
4. Always check the Outreach Website for opportunities to serve locally, nationally and globally!

I would love to hear what the Lord does in your journey with Him, as you start to wander out of your comfortable areas and into a sweet obedient adventure with Jesus Christ!
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