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Heart of a Servant

Posted by Matt Spaight on

Having a humble heart and serving others is essential for one to be a faithful follower of Christ. We are all called to have the heart of a servant while at the same time being joyful of our adoption into God's family. In Mark 10:45, Yeshua(Jesus) says, "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many." Yeshua, Himself never required others to serve him, He requested the obedience of others, don't ignore that key word, "requested." God's love for us is such that we have the free-will to choose that obedience, He doesnt force us to love Him, He wants us to choose to love Him. It is through that love for Him, that we should choose to be obedient and follow Him.

Throughout scripture we see Jesus consistantly serving others by showing love to the unloved, feeding the hungry, serving the servants, and seeking the lost, How much more should we, His followers, follow His example? How hard is it for all of us to be less selfish with our time and be faithful to the title of christian that we claim. The word "christian" or "christianos" in Greek, means a follower of Christ. But to claim such a title while living a lifestyle that contradicts that claim, is like claiming to be a police officer while living like a theif. I can claim to be whatever i want, but the reality of my actions ultimately speak to who i am. Serve others with a humble heart. Let your actions expound the love of God to those you come in contact with. This is by no means me throwing any stones, I know I have a lot I have to work on to be where God wants me, you will never hear me claim otherwise. But the only way any of us will get closer to living out Christ's example, is aknowledging our shortcomings, repenting, and relying on God's strength to empower our obedience.


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