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Enduring Faith

Posted by Matt Spaight on

As Christians, we should not rely on the weakness of ourselves to live a fulfilling life but instead live by faith in the will of God. We do this by walking in step with the Holy Spirit and know that by doing so we are following the will of God.

Why do we allow worry to dictate our actions, when all worry does is create a feeling of doubt and fear towards God's promises?  Doubt and fear are the enemies of faith, and that struggle will always be there because we are human.

How do we overcome those emotions? By trusting God,  even when those emotions are present. Emotions cannot control us unless we allow them, it's a choice that too often we choose. Should we not put more faith in God, who knows all, knows what to do with our lives better than we do? We should be living our lives constantly relying on God's direction and strength to endure trials.  In doing so, we better prepare ourselves in sharing the testimony of God's work in our lives. We must be more than just a beacon in the darkness but also a light in the fog of morning, when troubles are small but morale is low. Thank Him daily for the blessings and rely on Him through the trials. Remember, we are not trying to sell God to others, but draw them to Him by sharing the gospel and being examples of what His love can do through our testimony. If we allow our fears and doubts to alter our choices, then how can we be that example? When you worry you doubt, when you doubt, your faith weakens, when your faith weakens your faithfulness becomes self-serving.  

Faith will endure.


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