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Be Brave. Take Risks.

Posted by Caitlin Carpenter on

Imagine with me what Moses would have experienced in Exodus 4...

The burning bush was still etched on my mind. God was asking me to do something big; something that needed courage, something that was risky. Going back to Egypt to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go was no small task. They won’t believe or listen to me. I know they will mock and make fun of me. As a nervous wreck I paced back and forth questioning what God was asking. Then all of a sudden the Lord interrupted my pity party and asked me what was in my hand. Why would He ask me this question?! Isn’t He God? Couldn’t He see what I was holding? But I didn’t want to be disrespectful, so I answered Him, "a staff."  The Lord told me to throw it to the ground. Confused, I threw my staff and within seconds it turned into a snake. Immediately I turned and ran scared. Then the Lord asked me to grab the legless, beady-eyed snake by the tail. Why was He asking me to do this? Didn’t He know grabbing the tail is a dangerous act? The snake can rear back and bite me. The Lord waited patiently for me to obey. So I mustered up all the courage I had, closed my eyes, reached out my hand, and grabbed the snake. As soon as my unwilling hands touched the snake, it turned back into a staff. It happened so quickly, I didn’t even feel the slimy scales of the snake. I allowed my fears to determine my decisions rather than my faith. Even though scared, I took the risk. And that day in the desert, I ultimately saw God exercise His powers in mighty ways. 

We are like Moses to some extent. We all want to play it safe. But I believe Jesus lives on the other side of our comfort zones. Our comfort zones look different. Some are fearful to walk across the street to get to know our neighbors, some are terrified to talk about Jesus to the grocery store clerk and some are scared that God has called us to walk away from a job to pursue a different one. But let me encourage you my friend, jump. Do it scared. Jump off the cliff not knowing what’s at the bottom. God WILL catch you. He will never leave you. When we get comfortable for too long, our need for Jesus becomes too small. We think we can do it by ourselves. But that is so far from the truth, because we cannot do anything in this life that will impact the Kingdom for eternity without the help of the Trinity. Jennie Allen once said, "Jesus isn’t calling us to stop being afraid; He is calling us out of our comfortable boats to do something unthinkable, something that is possible only with His power. Every time we risk, we place our lives into the hands of our God and test His enoughness."

Friends, may we run to those risks in obedience, causing us to lean ever so hard into His abundance, into His love, believing that He will work. God will use what is in our "hands", just like He did with Moses. It may be scary, but it will be worth it. So I urge you brothers and sisters, take that first risky, shaky step in obedience. Walk over to that neighbor’s house that you have been wanting to love better. Sign up for that zumba class at your local gym. Email the foster/adoption agency. Take one step. Together, let’s be brave and take risks for the glory of God and the sake of His people. 


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