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The Right Message

Posted by Isaac Gill on

Do we know what message we are sending out? Whether we are consciously communicating or not, we are sending a message. Our actions, our words, our tone, they all send a message. It is important for us to understand that message and ensure we are not sending the wrong message to our fellow...

Seek the Flames

Posted by Isaac Gill on

The wood has been stacked carefully around the small ball of paper. Kindling has been carefully laid on top, between the larger pieces of wood and the paper. A small match is set to the paper. Initially flames burst forth. The paper burns up quickly, lighting some of the kindling. If the...

Searching for Shore

Posted by Isaac Gill on

Imagine with me. You are on the deck of a ship. The storm rages, the night is dark. The waves toss you to and fro. As the wind rages, threatening to tear the sails from the masts, you search. Straining with your feeble eyes to see the shore. Nothing but the angry storm, the crashing waves, and...

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