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8,511,965 sq km
One-half of the land surface and population of South America. The world’s fifth largest country in both area and population.

Population: 195,423,252

Capital: Brasilia

Official language: Portuguese

Rich Family's Story

The Plane the... Plane...
After years of waiting, new Tribes Mission family, Joel and Jenelle Rich, have seen an answer to a long time prayer. Out in the remote region of the jungles of Brazil where the Rich family is located, the only means of travel is by land and water. This mode of transport can take days. This impacts the ministry of not only the Rich family but also the other missionary families wanting to share the love of the gospel with unreachable peoples. The blessing of an airplane would not only save days of travel for these missionaries but make it easier for supplies and other much-needed items to be brought into the jungles.


After much prayer a plane finally arrived in Brazil this past Thanksgiving and has now made its way closer to the Rich family and their colleagues. There are still some barriers to cross when it comes to paperwork and finalization but needless to say this answer to prayer has brought much joy and excitement. Please join TBC as we continue to pray for our missionary partners the Rich family. Pray that the process of paperwork would go quickly and smoothly so that these missionaries can continue their work in spreading the Good News!




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