Trinity U - Spring 2020

Trinity U Spring 2020 - Full Class Descriptions

Trinity U will empower and equip you to engage the world around you. You are invited to join us for one
of our classes this semester at Trinity U. This semester we are offering different 5 different classes that vary in length.  We hope you will choose the one that will best help you become a fully devoted follower of Christ! Class Descriptions and registration links are below.  See you this Spring!

A Measure of a Man
True masculinity is not measured by strength, wealth or position but by multiple biblical qualities drawn from Paul’s letter to his proteges’ Timothy and Titus.  Men, husbands, dads, and mentors come to be encouraged and inspired through Paul’s teachings and the company of other men learning true masculinity.
A Measure of a Woman
This class will present a practical and inspiring study of womanhood and femininity based on the timeless principles from God’s Word.  We will cover a theme each week: how you live, talk, cope, love, respond to wrong, spend your time, lead others and more.
Join us as we learn and discuss what it means to be a Godly woman in today’s world.  We will be studying Scripture passages with group discussion each week.  The book by Elaine and Gene Getz is optional as a supplemental source. 
Greek 201
Have you plateaued in your Bible study skills? Want to enrich your understanding of Scripture, but not sure where to start? Join Carrie Cooper for Greek 2 in the study of 1 John. Each week you will (1) be equipped with responsible Bible study techniques, (2) learn a Greek vocabulary word relevant to the text, and (3) discover its importance in the interpretation of 1 John. No prior knowledge of biblical Greek required! 
Parenting: Taking the Practical Steps
What do I do in this situation? How do I respond if my child says this? Etc…These are the moments that can test our faith, or we can see our faith grow.  As parents, you need some practical tools to help navigate the daily challenge of raising the next generation to know, love, and serve God. We want to encourage you to come and learn some practical steps for parenting. You will learn through teaching and a great discussion with moms and dads learning just like you.
Paul’s Three Missionary Trips 
This class will use scripture and focus on Paul’s three trips recorded in Acts.  We will focus on the events, culture, and responses of the people involved in each trip.  We will also look at the impact these trips have on the local church today.  Join us as we study Paul’s journey through the Jewish villages and Gentiles’ lives.

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