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We will not conceal them from their children, but tell to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and His strength and His wondrous works that He has done. Psalm 78:4



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Being the primary disciple makers in the home is a great responsibility and great privilege. We cannot outsource that responsibility and privilege to the church, therefore we want to partner with you. A crucial component to our partnership with you, is our Milestones. Our Milestones are built around a mutual commitment between the home and church that intend to empower parents as the primary disciple maker. As a church, we (1) offer unique and practical workshops to help you lead your family, (2) provide Sunday morning worship and Bible Study experiences, (3) create an environment, for all ages, on Wednesday’s ‘Family Nights’, (4) equip you with everyday resources, and (5) to create special events where your family can come and be filled with the Word and fellowship.

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