This Sunday we are moving TKM Elementary from the TCA Secondary building to the lower level of the TBC Pre-school wing!! We cannot wait to have our kiddos all under one roof. We are also excited about the opportunity to see growth in the unity of our TKM Volunteer Team. We believe that our time in the lower level of the pre-school wing will give our leaders the opportunity and time to create connections with each other and begin to build stronger relationships. We know the move to the lower level will be temporary as we are praying for and working towards growth. We are so excited for the way that God will continue to shepherd the TKM Team, our leaders, our parents, and our kiddos.

The NEW (temporary due to flooding) room assignments will be:

RM 2: Infants + 1 Year-Olds

RM 4: 2 Year-Olds

RM 5: 3 Year-Olds

RM 6: 4 Year-Olds

RM 7: Kindergarten

RM 8: 1st + 2nd Grade Girls

RM 11: 3rd + 4th Grade Boys

RM 12: 3rd + 4th Grade Girls

RM 13: 1st + 2nd Grade Boys 

Parent Resources for Trinity Kids Bible Studies and Worship

Articles and RightNow Media Bible Studies/Videos for Family Time 

With so much extra family time, we have some great recommendations for you and your kids during the COVID-19 situation.

  • The Parent Cue App! This App helps every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future. This free app gives you weekly cues that are aligned with the content in our Sunday Bible studies.   To download or get more information:  Click for PARENT CUE APP
  • Managing Fear and Anxiety During a Health Pandemic - a blog post for parents on managing anxiety during any number of life disruptions.  Click for PARENT CUE blog
  • Anxiety Conversation Guides - helping a child with anxiety is a challenge. You can download these age-appropriate resources to find tips and practical ways to help your children. For Preschoolers, Click for Preschoolers PDF   For Elementary students, Click for Elementary PDF
  •, Click for STUDIO 252 website, is a great site for parents and elementary students to interact together all week long. Not only is the Bible story for the week available, but also worship music, activities and parenting helps!










    Family Dedication

    We provide three unique opportunities throughout the year, to celebrate what God is doing in your home through Family Dedication.



    » Baby's Hug-A-Bible

    »The Jesus Storybook Bible

    » Everything A Child Should Know About God

    Preschool (Birth - 5 years old)

    The earliest years of a child's life present ideal opportunities for parents to commit to raise their child in a God honoring home. Our preschool ministry strives to come alongside parents in nurturing and building that first spiritual foundation for our children. We desire to create an environment where preschoolers can learn God's word in a fun, exciting, and age – appropriate way. Our prayer is that every child will learn that they have a heavenly father who love them deeply and has great plans for their lives.

    Preschool Meeting Times:
    Sunday - 9:45 AM, Visit Guest Service for location.

    For more information email










    Every person who has made the decision to follow Jesus can and should be baptized. For kids (K – 4) who would like to be baptized, they must meet, along with their parent, with a pastor prior to being baptized.


    »The Jesus Storybook Bible

    » The Adventure Bible

    » Everything A Child Should Know About God

    » The Ology

    Elementary (K-4th)

    For elementary kids in grades K through 4th we provide an awesome and engaging worship experience. To capture the heart and mind of a child, we utilize a variety of age-appropriate methods to help every kid begin and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Creative Bible teaching, active participation games and activities, energizing music and small group interactions are a few of the ways we engage kids with the greatest message ever—the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Elementary Meeting Times:
    Sunday - 9:45 AM, Visit Guest Services for location.

    FX Worship Services (FX) or the Family Worship eXperience, is the perfect catalyst for parents and kids to do family better!  It is a highly interactive, uniquely creative approach to a shared worship experience where kids bring their parents.  Expect engaging worship music, fun dramas, crazy activities, and awesome family moments, all centered on the eternal truth of God’s word.  Attend FX, use the Parent Cue App and you’ve got a win-win strategy!  Why, because we are always better together! These services are scheduled throughout the year.

    For more information, email


    Mask-Required Service - 8:30 AM
    Regular Services - 9:45 AM & 11:00 AM

    Click here for On-campus Worship Service details

    TBC Online Services:
    Sunday - 9:45 AM & 11:00 AM

    TBC Online includes music, announcements, and a sermon from one of our pastors.
    You may also go to Facebook @TrinityBibleWillowPark for updates and inspiration.


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