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Don't Judge Me

Posted by Mitchell Martin on

In May of this year, I will have served in student ministry for 7 years. Over those years, there have been a number of phrases and sayings that I have heard students say on a regular basis. A number of these sayings have even migrated their way into the vocabulary of adults. There is one saying...


Posted by Mitchell Martin on

In recent years, the issue of tolerance has become a hot-button issue. As a college student, it was not uncommon to hear the words “that’s pretty intolerant of you” in the classroom, as if the person committed an unforgivable sin. Clearly this is something that people care...

How's Your Memory?

Posted by Mitchell Martin on

I am continually astonished at the capabilities of the human mind. It is incredible how much information can be remembered when we set our minds to it. We have phones that can hold hundreds of gigabytes of memory and computers that can hold terabytes, but this pales in comparison to the human...

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