Sunday Morning Bible Studies

Adult Bible Studies are offered for all ages and life stages on Sunday mornings in the TCA Secondary Building.  We focus on discussing God’s Word while building relationships in a small group setting.  Feel free to visit several groups to find the option that fits you best.  Stop by Guest Services for directions.

For adults at 9:45…
Book of Acts – Caton Morris – Room 209
Book of John  – James Frailey & Lee Turner – Room 214
Book of Revelation  – Harold Wells – Room 223
The Story  – Craig Gardner – Room 224
Eschatology & the Role of the Church in the Current Culture  – Kenny & Janie Davis – Room 208

For adults at 11:00…
The Smart Step Family: Biblical Help for the Blended Family - David Bingaman – Room 214

Wednesday Evenings:  6:15 - 7:45pm, Sept 6 - Nov 8, Connection Center

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Bible Study Open to All – Led by Wade Tidmore - Connection Center

“If truth is directly proportional to the effort expended to disprove it, then the Holy Bible is far and away the most truthful book ever in existence.”

“Fake news” is not a new concept. People have been trying for centuries to discredit the Bible. Have you ever questioned the reliability of the Bible? What about those apparent and annoying “discrepancies” you found? Can scripture be defended against its critics? Join us as we discover evidence for the Bible’s trustworthiness. Through this DVD-led study by Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ, you will gain confidence that what has been passed down through the ages is historically accurate and defensible. You will finish this study possessing information that will allow you to defend the beliefs of the Christian faith. Knowledge is power – let’s use it for God’s glory.

Helpful items for the study:

The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel. The book can be purchased from Amazon from as little as ~ $5 at the following link -

The Case For Christ Study Guide by Lee Strobel. The study guide can be purchased from Amazon for ~ $8 at the following link -

Wade has been married to his amazing life-journey partner Linda for 37 years. They have a son and two grandchildren in California and a daughter in the metroplex. Wade has been a member of Trinity Bible Church for nearly three years and a Christian most of his life. However, he encountered the reality of Christ’s love during a 72- hour Walk to Emmaus weekend in 1998 when his Christian journey took on a new sense of urgency to discover if what he experienced was supported by evidence.

•  “A new examination of the evidence may result in far different results”–Lee Strobel
•  “I have a lot of thoughts and theories on Jesus, but I don’t think coming back from the dead really bothers me.”– Man on the street
•  “I don’t really believe in God. I guess it was because I was raised in an age of science.”– Girl on the street
•  “I believe Jesus was a real person...I guess there are some exaggerations in the Bible I’d say.”– Boy on the street
•  “I don’t think we will ever know if Jesus is really what everyone thinks he is...I think it is a lot of folklore...I think it is a lot of historical misrepresentations...I think it is a lot of wishful thinking...I don’t think there is any way to prove what has been claimed about Jesus all these years.”– Woman on the street
•  “Lee was antagonistic toward God, I was simply confused. When I first started going to church, Lee responded very negatively – he basically said this is not what I signed up for.”– Leslie Strobel
•  “I thought nothing good could possibly come out of this...In the ensuing months, I stated to see positive changes...It was winsome, it was attractive...When she invited me to go to church with her...I’m going to go...get her out of this cult.”–Lee Strobel
•  “If this is true, it has great implications for my life.”– Lee Strobel
•  “That’s a huge step.”– Lee Strobel

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