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When God Shows Up In Mighty Ways
Mar 20, 2018

Parent Vision Trip - through the eyes of my momma:

I never dreamed Rwanda would steal a piece of my heart. I had a lot of anxiety and anticipation of the Parent Vision trip, but God showed up in mighty ways.

I could not believe after 7 months that I got to finally wrap my arms around my daughter’s neck... hold her tight and kiss her sweet cheeks. I could tell right away that God had been working in her life and the lives of the other racers. Caitlin’s spiritual growth and her passion for others were different... something that I was curious to know more about. Why was Caitlin’s heart so open and loving to a group of people with such a lack of resources that we in America are accustomed to?! Poverty and over population of the people and villages were very evident. It broke my heart to see the poverty of Kigali, but God reminded me right away to look at the happiness and love that the people of Rwanda had deep in their hearts. He told me not to focus on our cultural differences and the material things that I was so accustom to.

Our week went by very fast... We stayed on a small compound that was very quaint. The racer’s had a tent city set up on the premises. They were sacrificing so much for us. At night it was so hard for me to lay in my bed with comfort, knowing Caitlin was just outside the doors sleeping in a tent. God kept reminding me that He is calling her to do His work. To be still and and trust in Him, that He is in full control. To trust Him even when I witnessed so much poverty and thousands of people in small villages that had no running water or electricity. Family’s that had zero resources and very little food and water. It was breaking me inside, but God showed me right away the love, joy and happiness the people of Rwanda had in their hearts. He kept telling me to love on them and to allow them to love me back. I felt they needed me but in reality I needed them. I thank Jesus many times for the love that I felt in my heart for them.

I asked myself, how can these people embrace and give so much back when the genocide of 1994 effected the majority of their families? They lost everything. Generation and generations of family members. 100,000 of Tutsis that were killed by the Hutus. You could see the effect of this horrible event. But again their hearts were so humble and they embraced life with gratefulness.

We got the privilege to visit a school in the village and play duck-duck-goose with the kids. To see their smiles and hold their hands and kiss on their cheeks, was heart warming. Singing songs about Jesus and sitting quietly and looking at the differences that God had created. It was such a humbling experience to dig drainage ditches for miles for the community.

Attending church and praising and singing to our Lord Jesus. Worshiping and letting the Holy Spirit move in our lives. We sang and jumped and bowed down to our Lord Jesus. I was so moved by the Spirit, it seemed like hours had gone by worshipping with the 100 of us in a small concrete building with no AC, dirt floors, and plastic chairs. Bowing down on our knees to praise our One and only Jesus. The locals in the nearby villages joined us in singing and praise to our God and we all were moved to tears. God again showed up in a big way.  

The culture of Africa is an experience that I will never forget. I am so thankful for this experience. Psalms 28:7 comes to mind when I was preparing my heart to say goodbye: “The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusts in him, and he helps me, my heart leaps for joy, and with my heart I praise him.”

Thank you for supporting Caitlin in her journey. Please continue to lift her up in your prayers. My prayer is that everyone will know that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Remember even thousands of miles away, we still serve the same God.

“For yet there is only one God, the father, From whom all things and for whom we exist, And one Lord Jesus Christ through whom all things and through him all things exist.” - 1 Corinthians 8:6


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Mature Faith Grows in Community
Mar 15, 2018
We’ve all heard of Accountability Partners (aka Accountabilibuddy). When trying to improve your health, the very best accountabilibuddy is a 7 year old that wants you to succeed. They know you can succeed and are not old enough to understand that sometimes Daddy just ‘needs’ a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies. They don’t care about excuses, they just want you to win. We all benefit from these type of people in our lives. Those who love us enough to have the hard conversations, not to stir the pot but because they truly want what is best for you. This is especially true when it comes to our spiritual growth.
I subscribe to a Men’s devotional called “Wired” and recently received a great article on the topic of how living in community helps us mature in the faith through relationships. When I read it I thought, “I sure wish I had written this”. Since I don’t plagerize, I thought I would just share the article. After you read it call your Accountabilibuddy and talk about it over a cup of coffee and remember - circles are better than rows.
Call Out or Call In?
. . . and you will know the truth, 
and the truth will set you free—John 8:32
We cannot mature in our faith without community. We just cannot. The process of maturing isn’t simple, isn’t smooth. It’s one of getting off track and getting on again—again and again. We need help with that. We’re designed to be together. We’re built to need one another. To “grow up healthy in God, robust in love” we need community (Ephesians 4:14-16 MSG).
To help, though, our communities must actually be capable of picking us up and getting us on track and encouraging us on. Our communities must be places where we’re willing to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). Speaking that way requires moving beyond simply being polite to one another—and ever ignoring or excusing sin. It also requires moving beyond just pointing out sin or shortcomings or what bothers us or what we think might bother God.
Speaking the truth in love doesn’t require us to call each other out. It requires us to call each other in—into true identity. It requires us to call each other away from sin (e.g., “you don’t need to do that anymore . . .”) and into the identities God had in mind when he designed us, built us, and set us in motion (“. . . because this is who you really are”). 

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Marriage Lessons Learned from Peeping Chicks....
Mar 07, 2018

I made my confession to the ladies at the TBC Women’s Retreat in November. You know that irritant that turns into angst, then results in a stubborn, resistant attitude of the heart? I am not proud of it, but that was my attitude when my husband proposed we raise baby chicks to restock our henhouse.

My response was “Not me, no way! You can do it yourself, but count me out!” I raised two baby chicks inside our house once before and it was no fun! It was messy, stinky, time consuming, and the almost constant peeping kept me awake at night. Wholesome, uplifting, helpmeet, building-my-husband-up words never once came out of my mouth in that brief discussion.

My husband Gene took on the project himself. Five baby chicks, a horse trough (our makeshift brooder), and shavings appeared on the back porch. Among the paraphernalia was a huge lamp that would keep the chicks warm. At night this lamp also lit up the pasture, our back porch, and our bedroom. When I complained that the light was too bright for sleeping, Gene really tried to make things better by piling every extra pillow we had against the French doors that led from our bedroom onto the back porch. When I started sleeping in the guest room because the peeping kept me awake, Gene rearranged the back porch, pulling the horse trough and paraphernalia further away from the windows and doors. Now we had only a soft glow and faint peeping to accompany our sleep. Ugh!

By the time of the Women’s Retreat, God had so convicted me of my childish behavior that I had repented, asked Gene’s forgiveness, and somewhat reluctantly embraced being a part of this chicken raising adventure. And here is what happened… It wasn’t long until these baby chicks grew into the cutest little creatures! With a new attitude, we enjoyed watching them develop and grow. Gene cared for them through the coldest weather, and just recently we graduated them to the big henhouse down in the pasture. The very thing that I considered an irritating bother--the very thing I complained so vocally about--has become a source of joy. In a couple more months, this adventure will result in a basketful of beautiful brown and white eggs to share with family and friends!

Now the real hero of the story is my husband. Never once did he chide me for my bad attitude. He listened to every complaint and found ways to make it better. He waited for God to do His Holy Spirit work to change my heart so we could enjoy this venture together. Now when I look out the window and see the henhouse and our new chicks, I am reminded that after 48 years of marriage, I am still one word or action away from being a real stinker of a wife. And I am reminded daily of the patience and mercy of a loving Heavenly Father and the gift of a godly husband.

Sisters in Christ, I encourage you to let God work on your heart in whatever ways your husband does things you find annoying. Like me, God can help you turn anything – even noisy, peeping chicks - into something beautiful.




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$200 Casket
Mar 06, 2018

Louisiana State Penitentiary- A big decision was made in 2006. Billy Graham, a man who needs no introduction, decided that his casket would be made from pine, and built by an inmate. It was a cheap build too, about $200.

 For a man who has spent his life reaching out to the lost, it just makes sense.

 Billy and Ruth’s son had finished visiting the Louisiana State Penitentiary back in 2006. In a simple carpenters shop, Billy’s son had the idea for both of his parents to be buried in a cheap coffin built by senior carpenter, Richard Liggett, a man who has served over 35 years. It was lined with a prison mattress, stained and given a wooden cross that was tacked on top of the casket.

 If your legacy is to follow God and be used by Him to reach the lost, why not continue to do so, even after your death? This may be the only hope left for people imprisoned around the world. They may not have a second chance at a life beyond prison walls. Whether incarcerated in a cell or by sin, Jesus can save anyone. If you can name it, He can nail it. This becomes their hope. This becomes our hope. Sounds like a Johnny Cash song.

 Not only have inmates from Louisiana State Penitentiary known this since 2006, but the rest of the world can read it now and know that Jesus’ reach is limitless. A great and tangible example of humility.

 There is hope in Jesus, for all.

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Keep Trekking On
Feb 26, 2018

Keep your eyes on Jesus!

Friends, this world we are living in is fighting for our eyes... and the devil ain’t no fool. He knows if he can get our eyes off Jesus, he has a better chance of getting us off course. He has a better chance of getting us to quit the race that is set before us.

I think that is why we find in Scripture so many times... fix your eyes on Jesus. Fix your eyes. Fix your eyes.Because the apostles knew, where we look we will go. They knew what we behold we will become.

So we are going to have to fight. We need all the endurance we can get because it is not easy. But we have the perfect example to look to. Jesus did it, He ran the ultra marathon race. He is the one that ultimately did it... and guess what guys! The SAME Spirit that helped Him accomplish His race, is in US. The same Holy Spirit that at Bethlehem who was God with us... and at Calvary was God for us... and today is God in us... that same Spirit that lives on the inside of us gives us the power to do this race. We can’t do it by ourselves and God knew we couldn’t, that is why He sent Jesus.

Jesus endured.

He endured when He started His ministry from the outside. He endured when He was sent into the wilderness for 40 days and tempted by Satan. He endured when His own family did not understand what He was doing. He endured when His early followers misunderstood Him. He endured when the Pharisees lied about Him. He endured when His disciples scattered. He endured when the Sadducees conspired to capture Him. He endured when Judas betrayed Him for 30 lousy pieces of silver. He endured when He pled with God in the Garden of Gethsemane, saying “ I don’t want to do this! Would you take this cup from Me?” And even when God did not take the cup from Him, when He didn’t give Him what He wanted... He still endured. When the temple guard arrested Him, He still endured. When He went through six illegal trials, He still endured. When Pilot handed Him over to the crowd, He still endured. When Peter denied Him, He still endured. When the crowds yelled “Crucify Him”, He still endured. When the soldiers mocked and ridiculed Him, He still endured. When they whipped Him beyond recognition, He still endured. When they put a crown of thorns on His head, He still endured. When they hammered Him to a cross, He still endured. When all the forces of hell came against Him, He still endured. When He absorbed the sins of all humanity, He still endured. And as He cried out, “It is finished”, He still endured.

And the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, lives inside of you... lives inside of me! Therefore, we can run our race. We can complete our course.

Friends, if Jesus endured... we can too. All we have to do is fix our eyes on Jesus and just keep trekking on. Don’t stop! The finish line is waiting! I am clinging onto this truth as I head into South America to finish my last four months of the World Race. 


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